Tower Training Services and Guarantees

Besides the customary invoicing policies that you would normally expect from us, we ensure your satisfaction by including the following services and guarantees in all our work:

Guarantee: Tower guarantees that it will provide the best possible quality of training and consulting services. Any issues should first be raised with the Instructor or Consultant and then, if not resolved, with the Managing Director, Tower Training & Consulting.

Nondisclosure Agreement: At all times while we are together with client staff, we respect their proprietary information and agree not to discuss anything we have seen or heard with other companies or agencies.  In return, we request the same level of protection concerning our training methods and course content.  We are happy to sign standard forms of non-disclosure if requested.

Pre-work: Because we aim to work in partnership with our clients, there is never a charge for pre-meetings and discussions related to consultant services or training courses. This is our way of ensuring that the service we provide will be exactly as desired.

Language Training Pre-Course Student Skill Level Evaluation: Language teachers are made available to interview four students per hour at the client location (or by telephone) in order to determine skill levels for breakout into groups.

Training Venue and Course Materials: If necessary, Tower can arrange to provide training venue and associated equipment such as flip charts, beamer for generating PowerPoint slides, projection equipment (overhead projector) and, if required, VHS Cassette Player that can be connected to the beamer system. Tower also provides the Power Point presentation and all student materials (handouts, books, etc.).

Attendance Records: Attendance records are always maintained for each class or session.

Training Certificate: A Certificate of Training indicating the title of course, the length and the name of the lead instructor is provided by the manager of Tower Training & Consulting within 14 days after completion of the training session.

Financial Incentives: Because Tower is a registered training agency (FPC No 00131052/1); you may qualify for governmental incentives related to training of employees under Luxembourg Law (modified 22 Jun 99). Please contact us for additional information.

Follow-up: Tower’s contracts include an exit briefing or course follow-up upon completion of the requested services. As our instructors and consultants are local residents, they are available to respond to additional questions or dialogue from trainees for up to six months following the event. There is no charge for these differentiating services.