Tower Training Vision and Mission


TOWER is committed to being a Center of Excellence for state of the art leadership training and consulting services for our current and future customers in Europe and the adjoining regions.

This means that we will always concentrate on our customers needs and make sure that we are the supplier they contact first when they have a training requirement or simply need some advice. We promise to answer honestly and in case that we cannot honor a request for any reason we will gladly refer the customer to another provider who can help them (at the same level of quality they would expect from us, of course!).

TOWER’s highly qualified trainers and consultants provide our clients with exposure to the latest developments in new management thinking in three distinct fields: Consulting including executive coaching, Management Skills Trainingincluding leadership and soft skills, and Language and Communications Skills including private executive courses and group training.

This means that we use only the best trainers available to provide three kinds of services: training in leadership and a full spectrum of soft skills; consulting on business processes and quality assurance systems as well as our highly successful coaching for managers and senior leaders; and finally the variety of communication skills training and coaching that we have become known for over the years since 2001 when we first conducted a private training inPresentation Skills for a Project Manager in the automotive sector. Our language courses – both individual and group – are already famous for their tailored response to the clients’ needs and we aim to keep them that way for years to come!

At TOWER we strongly believe ‘The best thing you can do for your organization is to help others succeed!