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David Holland MBA – Your Results Expert… 

Having worked with Business Owners in 22 Countries, plus 15 States in the USA, travelled over 425,000km building my own businesses as I help my Clients build theirs – at the same time having a great family life in the process – I believe that as an international speaker, trainer, presenter, coach and author my team and I offer you something truly unique and engaging in the area of Business and Personal Development.

From working in the family shop in Birmingham, to becoming an international CEO and Entrepreneur; from a cold damp flat and the charity food shelters of the East End of London, to the bright lights and heat of Las Vegas – my experience has been both earned and learned, and it is my passion to help guide and support business entrepreneurs with a range of products and training courses that will enable you to achieve Results.

Take a look at my Books, Training Courses, Coaching Programs to find out how working with us will not just be surprisingly affordable, but the best investment in yourself and your business that you will ever make..



Lynn Holland – Co Founder & Director

Lynn started her career in the retail business and progressed through the corporate sector in various locations throughout the UK and internationally, including Computing, Logistics Services, Financial Services and Franchising.

Lynn’s experience includes Internal Auditing, Accounts and Finance, Systems Development and Business Ownership. Building a succesful Practices in Europe, and prior to Founding Results RULES OK Lynn was the General Manager of the EMEA for a Global Organisation based out of Luxembourg.

Lynn has presented and worked around the World and is using all her knowledge and passion developing Results RULES OK & Tower Training, with the objective of enabling everyone to enjoy learning, achieving, doing and being more..


Jon Holland – Marketing Director

Jon has traveled and worked internationally and now looks after all our Marketing and Branding for the business and supports our clients with advice and guidance on there marketing and branding opportunities.

Jon speaks and presents at workshops and events regarding Branding and Design and provides a unique service to our clients including bespoke Photography and Graphic Design though our partner company Eternol Design.

All the photos and images are Jon’s work, as is the design theme of the website.


Main Trainers and Consultants




John Frank, MPA

John A. Frank, MPA
Senior Trainer/Consultant

Originally from the United States, John has lived in Luxembourg for more than 13 years and is currently Managing Director of Tower Training & Consulting Sàrl, a multinational, multicultural, business training and consulting company that he founded in 2001. John has more than thirty years of public and commercial sector business experience in management, production operations, procurement, quality assurance, transportation and security.

An accomplished trainer and consultant for business management and quality assurance, John is qualified as a Lead Assessor for ISO 9000 and 14001 and previously served as Quality Assurance Manager at the NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency in Luxembourg where he was responsible for all quality aspects related to the maintenance and supply of five major weapon systems belonging to 12 NATO nations.

John is a council member of the British Chamber of Commerce and an officer on the Business Events Committee, which arranges evening speaking events of interest to the local English-speaking business community. A Senior Member of the International Society of Logistics (SOLE), he is also a standing member of the American Society for Quality.Married with three grown children, John holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Management and a Masters Degree in Public Administration. He was awarded the Legion of Merit in 1990 for distinguished military service.

In his spare time, John enjoys swimming, hiking and the occasional round of golf.

Franco Prati, Internet Consultant

Franco Prati, MBA
Project Management Trainer and Internet Marketing Consultant

Originally from Torino, Italy, where he obtained the B.S. in Telecom and Electronics at the Politecnico, Franco has worked in France and Germany for the European Space Agency as engineer for the On-Board Software and Ground Control Segment, conducting projects in multinational, multicultural environments.

Franco arrived in Luxembourg in 1990 to help SES ASTRA managing and evolving their Ground Segment Operational Software to enable the Company to keep up with their quickly expanding satellite fleet. He was responsible for the development and launch of a number of successful products, relying on his project management skills, attention to detail and innovation. Later on, Franco became Senior Manager and was deeply involved in the technical development of the ASTRA-NET satellite broadband service.

After 20 years in the telecom and IT industry, Franco founded his own company and joined WSI (Internet Marketing): while he enjoyed his time in the corporate world, these days Franco uses his years of experience to promote the launch of successful websites for his clients. In the meantime he also obtained his MBA.

Franco’s favourite sports are tennis and ski.