Coaching Services

Who’s Your Coach?

Now available in all popular languages, our coaching program is equally suited for employees and private individuals. The Executive Coaching program focuses upon the development of highly talented leaders (with special emphasis on senior executives – partners, directors, CEO’s, etc.) while our Private Coaching is tailored to the needs of the individual – be it personal matters or work-related issues. In all cases, if we are not a perfect match for the client, we help them to find another coach or counselor.

Executive Coaching aims to raise the performer’s awareness (self generated highly relevant input) and responsibility (the performer’s choice to own a task) through the coach’s use of effective questioning. This can only be accomplished by defining the gaps between present managerial leadership skills/competencies and those required for superior performance. We then work together with each executive to develop an individualized coaching/development plan to close these gaps.

Our Private Coaching program is targeted at individuals and employees who have the potential to grow and develop beyond their current position or situation. The coaching process follows the proven path of goal setting, assessment, action learning/development and review of the GROW model as elaborated by Sir John Whitmore in his book, “Coaching for Performance.”

The Coaching Process

  • Phase One: Develop Formal Commitments
  • Phase Two: Gather Information & Creation of Professional Development Plan
  • Phase Three: Coaching Activities
  • Phase Four: Evaluate and Follow-up

Experience indicates that a successful coaching program is a very powerful way for busy people to balance their numerous work, family and social demands and still have time for leisure and personal activities. The coaching program (which can be a fixed number of sessions or extended over an indefinite period), provides each individual with feedback, insight and guidance that helps them to achieve full potential in their business or personal life. We find that our clients excel because of these unique features:

  • Chemistry Check: A first-time ‘chemistry check’ gives the client and the coach an opportunity to determine if they are a ‘good fit’ for each other.
  • span style=”font-weight: bold;”>Assessment: An initial assessment provides an objective starting point to evaluate the client’s strengths and identify potential areas for improvement.
  • Synergy: The client and coach become a team, focusing on the executive’s goals and accomplishing more than he/she could do alone. Once the program starts, the coach will be only a phone call away, if needed!
  • Structure: Our coaches also provide their clients with an accountability mechanism so they can take more action, think bigger and get the job done. The clients continuously review and revise their goals and develop specific action plans to remove blocks and achieve their aspirations.
  • Expertise: The coach’s expertise and perspective helps the client to make better decisions, set the best goals, make more money and restructure his/her professional and personal life for maximum productivity and personal satisfaction.