Effective Professional Correspondence


Course Objective

This course is for anyone who must correspond in writing with internal or external recipients and would like to produce clear and concise documents as quickly and efficiently as possible. At the end of the training, the participants will have a good knowledge of how to effectively ‘communicate’ when writing formal business letters, reports (narrative or analytical), e-mails, faxes and, time permitting, a review of important details concerning Power Point Presentations in English.

Course Contents

Basic Fundamentals

  • Spelling, grammar and sentence structure
  • Capitalization and punctuation
  • Style and tone
  • Language rules and idiomatic expressions
  • Use of numbers and bullets
  • Pitfalls to avoid when using a second language

Writing Essentials

  • Focusing on the recipients and the results you want to achieve
  • Presenting clear arguments and opinions for better understanding
  • Organizing and structuring content for maximum clarity
  • Organizing facts and expressing ideas more effectively
  • Improving the structure and style of the writing
  • Writing more professionally and with greater confidence

Overview of Typical Business Documentation

  • Letters – heading, layout and enclosures
  • Reports – cover letter, structure, annexes and summary
  • E-mails and Memos – proper content and etiquette
  • Faxes – use of standard headings and layout
  • PowerPoint Presentations – what to include, what to leave out

Who shoudl attend

All those who wish to improve their writing skills in order to make a stronger and more professional impact in their business correspondence.


The participants should already have a good knowledge of the course language (written and spoken).


1, 2 or 3-day format (or 2-hour sessions over a period of 2 to 5 weeks)


English, but may also be provided in French or German