Effective Storytelling

Course Number: LC-09B

Whoever tells the best story wins.” – Annette Simmons

Course Objectives

Is your presentation too long, too detailed, or, perhaps, too boring? Does the prospect of presenting it to an audience make you nervous or agitated? If, like most of us, you feel there is room for improvement, this course could be for you!

Whether you are addressing an audience of 10 or 100; your presentation style can act as a catalyst to light the audience on fire, or put them to sleep! The best presenters know that telling a story is a good way to get a point across! They speak with purpose and Vision!

Stories are how the audience remembers; they tend to forget lists and bullet points. Once we recognize the needs of our audience (or client), we must then demonstrate that we understand their situation and how we can help them. And how should we do that? As a story! You create scenarios in your head and frame the experience in a story. The key to moving an audience is not to resist this impulse but to embrace it by telling a good story!

Participants will observe sample stories given by successful speakers and are then given time to practice this technique with their peers during the workshop module.

Course Contents

  • Introduction to Business Storytelling
  • The Charisma of a Leader – Strong First Impression
  • Body Language and Eye Contact – Obama Style!
  • How to Tell Your Brand’s Story
  • Tips to Help You be More Persuasive
  • To Prezi or not to Prezi
  • Storytelling Workshop
    1. Write the Script
    2. Create the Storyboard
    3. Draft Your Presentation
  • Present Your Story to the Group
  • Review and Wrap-up

Who Should Attend

Anyone who wishes to improve their performance when taking the floor in front of an audience or anyone who lacks confidence in his or her ability to sell themselves in public.
NOTE: Optional two-day training allows participants time to create a PowerPoint presentation incorporating storytelling methods.


Good knowledge of the course language (written and spoken). Attendance is limited to ten participants in order to permit the maximum interaction and practical experience.


1 day or 2 days