Internal Communications Skills

Course Number: LC-13

Course Objectives

In the best companies, all employees have clear and consistent information about company strategy and objectives. They know what the priorities are. The purpose of an employee communication strategy is to improve knowledge and understanding of the proposed approach to major change, both in particular teams and in relation to the organization as a whole. Effective internal communication is critical to improved performance and successful change management strategy. It also helps to:

  • promote a clear, shared understanding of the change process;
  • gain commitment to the change process;
  • minimize misunderstanding and misinformation;
  • and counteract unnecessary anxiety.

This interactive discussion will show you how to review and improve your company’s internal policies for informing and consulting with employees. Upon completion of the course you will be able to:

  • recognize the role that communication plays within the organization.
  • identify common problems of internal communication.
  • maximize communication and reduce stress within the organization.
  • understand the use of effective communication to align and control your organization.

Course Contents

Topics to be covered include:

  • Rules of Success
  • Motivating Employees
  • Common Causes of Problems in Internal Communications
  • Key Principles to Effective Internal Communications
  • Eight Benchmarks for Effective Communications
  • Tips for Improving Internal Communications
  • Guidelines for Effective Communication
  • The Power of Alignment – Staying Centered and Focused

Who Should Attend

Anyone who wishes to improve their ability to communicate both laterallyand vertically (up and down) within their organization and with external clients or vendors.


Good level of English. Attendance is limited to 12 participants per session to permit the maximum interaction and discussion.


1 day