Professional Report Writing


Course Objective

It goes without saying that report writing is not necessarily the most exciting part of a person’s professional life. However, it is almost certainly one of the most important things that they have to do. Reports serve many purposes from helping leaders make important decisions, to presenting information concerning new strategies or summarizing actions that have already been taken.
There are many types of reports, including technical research papers, market analyses, feedback from meetings, staff appraisals, and simple team memos. Often, the hardest part of preparing a report is the initial step of ‘getting started’ and this course will help the participants learn how to gather their thoughts, collect the data and draft the initial outline.

Upon completion of the training, the participants will have a good understanding of how to write reports more efficiently (to save time) and more effectively (to produce better results).

Course Contents

The Making of a Great Report!

  • Defining the Purpose
  • Identifying the Reader
  • Setting the Objective
  • Planning the Structure
  • Choosing the Style
  • Recommendations and Summary
  • Creating a Cover Letter
  • The Final Document

Additional Basic Fundamentals

  • Spelling, Grammar, Sentence Structure
  • Pitfalls to avoid when using English as a Second Language
  • Capitalization and Punctuation
  • Use of Numbers
  • Enclosures

Who Should Attend

All those who wish to improve their report writing skills in order to create accurate and concise documents as quickly and efficiently as possible.


The participants should already have a good knowledge of the course language (written and spoken).


2 days (or 2-hour sessions over a period of 4 weeks)


English, French or German