Skills Courses


Training that is engaging, inspiring and informative…
You and your team can experience our Workshops in two ways;

  • At one of our scheduled events in Luxembourg
  • We can deliver an event just for your team at a location of your choice; anywhere in the World…

Having delivered events and Workshops in over 23 countries, working with a range of Clients from Global Investment Banks and Football Clubs to Franchise Companies and Entrepreneurial Business Owners; you can be assured of an event that is packed full of content and strategies that can be used right away, whilst being engaging and entertaining too…

Covering a wide range of subjects under the headings of Business Skills, Human Resources and Quality Management.


Business Skills


Human Resources

Strong interpersonal skills are essential in today’s fast-paced, high-tech world. A good knowledge of the skills listed here can help to bring out the best in others in both personal as well as professional situations. Not being able to connect meaningfully with others can lead to feelings of isolation and disappointment. For some people these skills come naturally while others need assistance to improve their people skills.

Quality Management

When it comes to quality, we often find that leadership puts too much focus on quality tools and not enough focus on the market. Their focus is ‘inside out’ and not ‘outside in.’ Many companies have spent lots of time, effort, and money doing the fad of the week. There were many claims of dollar savings that did not reflect in the profits or the customers’ satisfaction.

In House Delivered Power Lunch

Following from the success of our public ‘Power Lunches’ during the past three years, we are very pleased to offer the same two-hour format (with or without lunch) for delivery in-house at your company location or at another convenient location of your choice. Unlike our other training courses, these two-hour sessions can accommodate up to 25 participantsand do not require a long time away from work