Conducting Successful Meetings


Course Objectives

Meetings are occasions when people come together to get something done, whether it is to share information or make decisions. Too many meetings are unsuccessful; too long, unfocused, unimportant, unproductive, led by dominant or unskilled individuals, time wasting, boring, etc. These kinds of meetings leave participants dreading the next one. But what makes a good meeting?

  • A well-designed agenda with commonly understood goals and objectives.
  • A clear, agreed upon process for reaching those goals and running the meeting.
  • An understanding of different cultures and an awareness that people come with their personal preoccupations and feelings, as well as an interest in the subject at hand.
  • A sense of involvement and empowerment; people feeling that the decisions are their decisions; that they are able to do what needs doing.
  • A skilled facilitator /leader.
  • Most people can learn how to facilitate a good meeting and develop a strategic agenda, but it does take time and attention. The more people within groups who have good group process skills, the easier the task of the facilitator and the more satisfactory the meeting. Participants will learn the skills and techniques for leading or participating in meetings.

Course Contents

Participants will learn the ‘Key Elements’ for success:

  • Organization and Objectives
  • Agenda and Timing
  • Focus and Administration
  • Ordering of the Agenda Items
  • Introductions and Agenda Review
  • Meeting Ground Rules
  • Announcements and Evaluation
  • Meeting Etiquette and Body Language
  • Speaking and Listening Skills
  • Note Taking Skills
  • Closing the Meeting
  • Publishing of Action Items and Follow-up

Who should attend:

Anyone who chairs, regularly attends or is bored/frustrated in meetings.


Participants should have a good knowledge of the course language. Maximum group size should be limited to 12 participants.


1 day


English French or German