Conflict Management


Course Objectives

Strong disagreements between two or more people with differing views or opinions occur more and more frequent in today’s demanding, fast-paced work environment. Unfortunately, when major disagreements lead to ‘conflict’, it can adversely affect work output and thereby cause important tasks to be delayed or left undone. Such conflict needs to be managed and channelled in positive ways, to enhance individual interactions, teamwork and organizational harmony. The goal should be to work hard together to develop a wise, workable, ‘win-win’ solution. In conflict situations, it is necessary for both parties to find a way to fairly settle their disagreement. They must suspend their judgment and personal needs and try to understand the viewpoint and needs of the other party. The result should not be to get the best deal for one or the other; but to find the best solution for both. They both must view the conflict as a problem to be solved by them in the best way possible, not just fairly but optimally, even creatively. This Conflict Management training course provides participants with the understanding of themselves and others in conflict situations and shows them techniques and practical tips necessary to defuse negative emotions and solve problems positively.

Course Contents

Participants will learn how to:

  • Recognize the classic profiles of difficult people.
  • Identify personality types with which you may clash.
  • Develop specific strategies for conflict resolution.
  • Manage conflict with colleagues and other departments.
  • Prevent difficult situations and avoid escalating them further.
  • Develop assertive skills and behaviors.
  • Calm angry, upset and unresponsive individuals.
  • Handle aggressive customers or hostile negotiators.
  • Practice active listening.
  • Use questions effectively.
  • Give positive feedback.
  • Deliver constructive criticism.
  • Disagree assertively.

Who should attend:

This course is relevant for anyone who wants to improve their Conflict Management skills including managers, team leaders, core staff and support personnel.


Good level of English.


2 days