Diversity Awareness Training


Course Objectives:

There are differences in the way that persons of different cultures and backgrounds consider time, relationships, hierarchy, rules, age and status. There are also social norms to be aware of. The growing mobility of staff and expanding international collaboration serves to increase the diversity of our working environment. This training will enable participants to develop self-awareness, and awareness of diversity issues in the workplace, and to learn skills, attitudes and behaviors that will help them to communicate, to cooperate and to work with optimal effectiveness with colleagues and clients. The course combines theory and discussions with the opportunity to practice developing skills.

Course Contents

  • Ways of Thinking
  • Effect of Nationality on Culture
  • Culture and Behavior
  • Parameters of Difference
  • Communication Skills
  • Building Rapport and Understanding
  • Cross-Cultural Communication

Who should atttend

Employees who work within a group, section or company that contains other personnel from different nationalities or cultures as well as private individuals who want to know more about the cultures and characteristics of people from other nations or religions, etc.


The Student should already have a good knowledge of the course language (written and spoken).


2 days


English, French or German