Get The Right Things Done!


Course Objectives

The participants will be able to recognize the main causes of delay and inefficiency in their working environment and learn how to identify objectives, prioritize actions and handle time-related issues as they arise. Attention is given to key issues like assertiveness and delegation as they both play a role in the effort to increase productivity and eliminate wasted time.

By utilizing what they learn in this course to better organize their workplace, improve relationships and streamline work processes, the participants become much more efficient, reduce the level of stress in their lives and get the right things done!

Course Contents

  • How we spend our time
  • Deciding what not to do
  • Using your calendar
  • The 3-day rule
  • Reflecting about what happened
  • The daily ritual – take time to gain control
  • Surviving e-mail overload
  • Mastering distraction
  • How to cope with reading material
  • How to reduce stress and avoid burn-out
  • Benefits of being assertive
  • How to gain time by delegating
  • Wrap-up and goal setting

Who Should Attend

This course is relevant for anyone who wants to improve his or her efficiency and better manage the time they have available. It will be equally suitable for both managers and assistants who are looking to further develop their skills.


Good level of course language. Attendance is limited to 10 participants per session to permit the maximum interaction and practical experience.


2 Days