Internal Consulting


Course Objectivces

This training is ideal for internal staff members who want to move beyond administrative and technical duties and become valuable internal consultants in their organization. Internal consultants help their organizations with organizational changes, performance coaching, conflict mediation and other valueadded services.

To perform as an internal consultant, new or improved skills are required. Participants will explore new avenues of thinking, approaches and self-image with the goal to help them develop consulting skills that result in effective and collaborative partnerships between themselves and their internal clients. To help them develop their abilities and effectiveness, the course covers topics such as client needs analysis, active listening, desirable personal behaviors, meeting planning and execution, proposal development, report writing, and formal presentations. The student will also learn how to document existing business processes and define workable specifications for new business solutions.

Course Contents

  • What is an Internal Consultant?
  • What does an Internal Consultant do?
  • What competencies and core skills are required?
  • Methods and Practices used by Successful Consultants.
  • Establishing your new role with your clients.
  • Identifying your “internal market”.
  • Assessing and building your influence and credibility.
  • Planning an internal consulting engagement.
  • Documenting client needs – objectives, standards and targets.
  • Preparing a written proposal.
  • Contracting with your internal clients.
  • Managing issues and dealing with resistance or internal political issues.
  • Listening effectively and providing constructive feedback.
  • Planning and conducting successful meetings.
  • Delivering formal presentations.
  • Reaching a ‘win-win’ agreement.
  • Giving honest feedback to senior executives, managers and employees.
  • Obtaining client feedback and evaluating the assignment.

Who Should Attend

Any professional requiring a sound knowledge of internal consulting techniques. Course candidates are likely to come from those who are ‘good’ with people or who have an interest in relating with people. They may or may not be technical experts. The course is limited to a maximum of 8 trainees per session.

Length and Format

3 days (Six ½-day sessions over a period of 2 to 3 months)


English, French