Introduction To Marketing


Course Objectives

‘Marketing’ – a buzzword for some, a vague idea to others. Yet, marketing has long been recognized as a very powerful, if not indispensable, strategic set of tools. By the same token, it is almost invariably a continuous activity. Introduction to Marketing is a workshop that makes you familiar with the basics of Marketing. More so, it lets you work with its mechanics by means of many practical exercises that complement the theory.

Course Contents

  • The concept of Marketing – What is it?
  • The Marketing Mix, the 4 P’s – How to use them.
  • Marketing & Sales – Overlap / Interaction
  • What is a Customer? – How to identify new prospects
  • Marketing Speak – The power of communication.

Who should attend:

Professionals of all levels who wish to learn about marketing in a very concise and practical way, and those who need to freshen up on it.


The participants should have a good knowledge of the course language (written and spoken).


2 days


English and German