Leading and Managing Change


Course Objectives

How your organization will look in the future will obviously be affected by the current economic crisis and decisions made at senior levels of the company. However they come about, it is sure that staff will be affected in one way or another. This will require that managers at every level be ready to handle the expected changes in an orderly and effective manner. They must not only be able to plan and implement change strategies but also to influence and engage their teams in order to bring them through these changes successfully. This course will show you how to effectively plan and organize your part of the change while also developing useful strategies to deal with resistance and engage your team more effectively.

After taking the course, you will be able to:

  • Understand change and its potential impact.
  • Identify the main barriers to change.
  • Understand your responsibilities when leading staff through change. ­
  • Identify the key factors involved in managing change.
  • Develop skills to communicate change through all levels.
  • Cope with staff resistance and avoidance.
  • ­Change Management Overview
    Nature and key elements of change
    Why and what to change
    Current state, transition state, future state
    The Change Management Process
  • Psychology of Change
    Senders and receivers
    Resistance and comfort
    Authority for change
  • Preparing for Change
    Strategies for implementing change successfully
    Prepare the Change Management Team
    Develop the Sponsorship Model
  • Manager’s Role in Leading Change
    Develop the Change Management Plan
    Take action and implement the plan
    Facilitation and coaching in a context of change
  • Reinforcing Change
    Collect and Analyze Feedback
    Diagnose Gaps and Manage Resistance
    Implement Corrective Actions
    Communicate Success

Target Audience

Staff members who hold managerial / supervisory positions including senior staff, directors, programme / division chiefs and branch chiefs.

Group Size

Limited to 12 participants maximum.


2 days



Course Contents