On-Site Computer Training For Executives


Course Objectives

<style=”>“Private One to One Computer Training in Your Office”

In today’s fast paced world, the most cost-effective computer training is ‘Client Focused’ provided onsite to each individual user based upon his or her specific job requirements and level of experience. This is especially important for busy executives who don’t have much time available and would like to have private training focused on their training needs and personal schedules (or who may want to take advantage of this training outside the normal workday!). To make the training even more convenient, we charge only the hourly consultant fee for the actual time required to deliver the requested training or services.

Course Contents

We provide short ‘one to one’ introductory or refresher training on any of the following topics:

  • Windows XP (Home or Professional Editions)
  • Microsoft Office 2003 or Microsoft Office XP
  • Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft FrontPage
  • How to create, delete, and open files
  • Using search engines for fast accurate results
  • How to type letters and memos, to save or print

f you do not have a computer available, our trainer will provide a laptop PC and, if necessary, a projector (beamer) in case that additional personnel will be attending the training. If your organization does not have its own internal IT support staff, our trainers are also able to help you verify that your ystem is operating properly and can also quickly teach you:

  • What a firewall is and how to use it
  • What a virus is and what protection you need
  • How to clean and organize your hard drive
  • How to use search engines for fast accurate results
  • How to run updates for Windows and virus software
  • What cookies are and whether you should use or block them

Who should attend

Busy executives, doctors, lawyers, business owners and all staff personnel who can’t take one or two days away from work in order to attend a specialized training course at a training institute.


2-hour sessions as often as required


English, French or German