Strategic Alignment


Course Objectives

Connecting people to strategy is essential in today’s competitive business world. When every member of the organization, from top management to the newest employee, understands the business, its goals and purpose, the company is considered to be strategically “aligned.” However, perfect alignment can only be maintained when the strategy matches customer needs and all employees are fully aware of the organization’s strategic objectives.

The difference between good and great companies is that leaders of great companies don’t just present their strategy once and allow it to run its course but continually challenge and review it. Managers at all levels of the company contribute by helping to ensure that the needs of customers, employees and the company remain fully aligned.

In order to help the participants better understand the strategic planning and alignment process and how it can work in their own company, the course presents the most popular concepts through the use of concrete business examples and engages the participants in active discussions and practical exercises designed to stimulate strategic thinking and create a more cognitive learning experience.

The three-day course explores advanced concepts that will enhance the manager’s toolkit for better interpretation of the decision-making process and is tailored to deal with topics of special interest to the course participants. Advanced topics include: Porter’s Generic Strategies, Strategic Spaces and Value Chains, Modularity, Boundaries and Outsourcing.

Course Contents

  • What is Strategy and what is it not? Why does it matter?
  • Mission and Strategy – Who is in charge?
  • The Historical Perspective
  • The Macro Environment
  • Modern thinking – from Porter to RBV/KBV
  • Dynamic Capabilities – Using Mind Map Techniques
  • Ansoff’s Timeless Growth Strategy Matrix
  • International and Regional Strategy
  • The Cultural Perspective
  • “Green and Competitive” – The Ethical Perspective

Who Should Attend

Two-Day Session – Those who would like to discover how to think strategically and to become familiar with the continuing evolution within the business world. Three Day Session – All those who wish to apply strategic thinking to define the direction of their own company or line of business – Directors, Marketing Managers, Product/Service Managers, etc.


2 or 3 days


English or French (with sufficient notice)