Team Building Skills For Leaders



Leading and participation in direct and virtual teams requires a knowledge and understanding of the composition and dynamics of such teams and of the techniques, which can help make them productive and successful. The way a team is led will have a major impact upon the success or failure of the team. Team members expect several important values from a leader, including: commitment to people as well as the task, desire to support and serve the team in addition to leading from the front. They also expect their leader to have enthusiasm, energy, inspiration and sufficient expertise as well.

Team leaders should also be willing to shoulder responsibility rather than pass the buck and should be able to make the team come together to achieve more than a group of individuals. This team leader training will show the participants how to understand themselves and others and to become better acquainted with how teams function within an organization.

Course Contents

People, process and technology are the key ingredients of complex teams and a successful leader and team member needs to have knowledge and experience in:

  • The nature and composition of teams
  • Understanding of team’s relationship to the greater organization
  • Leadership styles and techniques
  • Project planning and administration
  • Building self motivation and team enthusiasm
  • Effective interpersonal relations
  • Managing time and resources
  • Coaching and training


An open and willing mind and a good command of the training language.


2 days


English, French or German