Time Management & Efficiency Training


Course Objectives

The ‘TMET’ Program is a two-part program which consists of a four-hour joint-training session for all participants followed by the initial ‘desk-side audit’ and coaching sessions for the individual participants. Upon successful completion of the program, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand and practice the ‘do it now’ concept.
  • Improve and streamline their work habits.
  • Better organize their workspace and keep it clean.
  • Reorganize their active, pending and archive files for improved efficiency.
  • Use electronic tools efficiently.

Part One – Theoretical Training Session for all Participants

During part one, the participants learn that time cannot be controlled, but that the way we use our time can often be better organized. Topics to be covered include analyzing and organizing work, time management tools, eliminating wasted time, improving efficiency and enjoying free time.

Part Two – Individual Coaching Sessions

The preliminary instruction of part one is reinforced by additional on-site and remote coaching for each participant extending over a period of four weeks. These individual coaching sessions help the participant(s) to recognize potential causes of delay and inefficiency in their working environment and learn how to identify objectives, prioritize actions and handle issues as they arise.

Initial on-site coaching session (1.5. hours)

This review and clarification of the ‘do it now’ concept takes place at the participant’s desk and begins with the coach helping him or her to inspect their workplace and sort out their active and inactive files. Then they will check the electronic environment and develop a planification system, if necessary. The participant will then be required to set-up an ‘efficiency timetable’ with specific actions that will be checked by the coach during a specified period through remote coaching sessions.

Remote coaching sessions (beginning one week later)

The individual action plan is checked and reviewed according to the ‘efficiency time-table’. Each participant will have to provide the coach with agreed follow-on information by mail or telephone.

Final coaching session (at the end of four weeks)

Begins with a combined meeting of all participants to get their feedback from the training and to exchange their personal experience (tips) with their colleagues in order to improve and maintain their own time management system by bringing efficiency to the work organization and utilizing time management ‘best practices’.
This final meeting is followed by individual coaching sessions of approximately 30 minutes at each workplace to verify that the new TMET system has been clearly understood and applied by each participant.

Who should attend

This course is relevant for managers and staff who want to improve their efficiency and better manage their time.


Good level of the course language. Attendance is limited to 6 participants in order to permit the maximum interaction and practical experience.


One ½-day theoretical training combined with four hours of coaching per participant

English (but may be provided in French or German with sufficient advance notice)