Website Effectiveness with CSS


Course Objectives

Cascading Styles Sheets (CSS) are the W3C recommended way of creating websites by separating content from its presentation. By means of a correct use of CSS techniques a website has a consistent look and feel throughout its pages and can change its appearance without having to review the html content.

Besides, CSS makes pages lighter, easier to read and maintain from the developer’s point of view.
Another major benefit of CSS is that it makes your Web site SEO friendly because Search Engines like clean code as it makes their life easier and will not abandon crawling your pages, an essential prerequisite for subsequent indexing and ranking.

CSS is core to the Web Accessibility profiles defined by W3C and which are already adopted by countries such as UK and soon by the EU.

Advanced CSS techniques allow creating layouts and position elements on a page without making use of tables, which are deprecated by modern practices.

The main objective of this hands-on training is to establish participants with CSS core competence. After this 2-days course students shall be able to master the creation and styling of a website entirely with CSS. A CSS reference book is also provided to each participant as part of the course material.

Course Contents

The course is fully hands-on and alternate theory and practice; a reference book is provided to each participant. The following topics are covered:

  1. Benefits of Cascading Style Sheets
  2. XHTML essentials
  3. Basic concepts and working tools
  4. CSS syntax: selectors, classes and IDs
  5. Creating websites with HTML and CSS
  6. Colours, background, menus and layouts
  7. Margins, borders, and the box model
  8. Advanced concepts: no more tables!
  9. Styling for print
  10. CSS versions and browsers differences
  11. Maintaining CSS based websites for multiple browsers
  12. Elements of CSS for search engines

Who should attend

Webmasters, website designers, website developers, website content managers, web publishers, Internet marketers

Course prerequisites

Knowledge of HTML; each participant shall bring her own working laptop with enabled wi-fi connection to the course premises.


2 days